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Just Watch Me

20 Mar

This year has come out with a bang from the many selections of erotica I have encountered. I have read a few books just since the break of 2011 and Just Watch Me is probably one of the top 3. It is delicious! This anthology is edited by Violet Blue and inspired by women for women. I would love to be descriptive and explain the magical purpose of this book, however I think leaving it to Violet Blue would be best. She sure knows how to real em’ in! At first glance of the book as I opened up to read the introduction I read “Buttercream Frosting Erotica.” Hm. That sounded… yummy. I will leave the introduction to Violet, she says it best!

“This collection of the best erotica written by women, for women, is meant to be read nice and slow, like a slippery hot afternoon fuck on sweaty sheets, when you don’t want to eat… food.”

If that doesn’t get your blood flowing on the very first page… I am not sure what will! I was hooked from the very first page. The introduction is just the beginning. The book is filled with hot, descriptive selections from writers like L. E. Yates, Cate Robertson, Jordanna Winters, and more. There are twenty, sexy-scene packed tales embodied in one finger licking good book.

The style of this anthology is a hold nothing back, give it all to me, hot and steamy more, more, more book. It has stories that are completely separate from each other. There is no room for dull here. I enjoyed Spike and Just Watch Me the most, but overall found myself craving more and more throughout the book. I enjoyed this piece through hot baths and extension rubbing sessions. It made my toes curl and woke the naughtiness up with every turn of the page.

I recommend Just Watch Me for all women in need of a great erotic novel. It is fresh, powerful, and good til the last drop. Pick up Just Watch Me edited by Violet Blue from the amazing company Eden Fantasys Sex Toys to feed your reading desire.

Authors from Just Watch Me: Cate Robertson, Sydney Beier, Saskia Walker, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Geneva King, K. L. Gillespie, Donna George Storey, Bonnie Dee, Jean Roberta, Elizabeth Coldwell, Alicia Wag, Eva Hore, Jordana Winters, Magenta Brown, Teresa Lamai, Lee Skinner, Adrie Santos, L. E. Yates, Emerald, and Alison Tyler.

More about the Editor: Violet Blue can be contacts at or on twitter @violetblue. She is a Forbes “Web Celeb” and one of Wired’s “Faces of Innovation.” She is a blogger and infamous podcaster. She has award-winning novels and is featured on Oprah Winfrey’s website.

If you enjoy Just Watch Me, you can also order more books with the included order form in the back of the book! I also encourage you to check out the Naked Reader Book Club if you enjoy erotica and would like to be more involved with new releases and sizzling topics.