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Pleasurists #124

7 Apr

Turn Your Heart To the Light by Belenen 

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O, o, Ooooooohhhhh.

4 Apr

I love cock rings! They add so much flavor to sex with my husband and just can’t get enough of them. I like trying new ones and sometimes I get disappointed along the way. However, this time I received nothing but pleasure! I purchased the Screaming O touch plus disposable cock ring around Valentines Day to surprise my man with a wild night of fun. The Screaming O is a unique, one time use cock ring that is soft and squishy and has a hidden surprise as well.

The Screaming O is made by Bushman Products and is very affordable. It is only $11.99. I know it is a throw-away product but its function was so worth it! I bought mine at Eden Fantasys Sex Toys and was pleased with all aspects of the order, delivery, and product.

The Screaming O Touch Plus is packaged in a red decorated plastic wrap. Its packing is very close to that of a condom, just a little big. The package included product information, safety information, and directions. I wasn’t expecting so much information on a disposable product, so I was impressed.

To use the Screaming O, you simply remove it from the package, place the ring on penis with the vibrator unit facing upwards, switch it on by moving the arrow on the unit forward, have your fun, and then toss it. Pretty simple right? It was easy to use. We added a little water based lubricant to it and it slid right on. It appears very small but has a lot of stretch to it. The package did lack size information. I would say it will fit up to about a 2″ diameter though. With stretching the ring did  not tear or rip and it held up really well. It is a fun orange color and has nubs on the clitoral attachment. Inside the attachment there is a vibrator unit. This is the unique part. I didn’t realize this when I bought it, but it doesn’t have any set functions or speeds. Basically the movement of our bodies controlled the vibrations. It is touch activated! I didn’t even realize they made cock rings like this? Where have I been? Anyway… so we had loads of fun. He wore this lovely cock ring for me and with his every thrust I felt a new intense vibration that was different from the one before. I felt like my vagina was on a roller coaster! Let’s just say it was nothing short of amazing.

The Screaming O held up to our standards. We loved it! I totally recommend it to couples. It’s fun, different, and really comfortable. You can get your Scream O Touch Plus from Eden Fantasys Sex Toys.

And now for the more serious talk…. For sanitary reasons do not reuse. To avoid injury or aggravation of pre-existing conditions, this device should not be used on swollen or inflamed areas, or skin lacerations. No medical claims are warranted or implied by the use of this product. The ring and cover of this product is made of soft SEBS silicone material and has been examined by the SGS organization and proven to be non-toxic. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and do not store at a temperature of 100F for prolonged periods.

product picture
Cock ring by Bushman Products
Material: TPR Silicone