My name is Amanda. I am a small town/city girl. I grew up on both sides of the fence and even though that is rather hard to explain, it is possible. I have been an adult since I was emancipated at the age of 16. I have been going strong ever since. I am 24 years old. I have two daughters and two-step sons. I live a normal, quiet life on a 3 acre farm in Iowa of all places. It’s quiet and there’s corn! I currently work from home as a freelance writer. It took me two years to get that title and I am very proud of it. I am also a full-time student. I am pursuing a degree in Psychiatry and in about 11 years will be a doctor (well that’s the plan and sometimes plans change).

As for my personality. I am many things. I am shy by nature but have been working through that over the last couple of years. I am a daily blogger. I find joy in typing away at a laptop. I have no idea why??? I am easy-going and mostly open-minded. I am caring and very diverse. I am willing to try just about anything once. I am a lover. I believe in strong, long-lasting relationships. Regretfully my first marriage tanked and I hit the road but now find myself still with an amazing man for 3 years now even though we have been through our struggles.

We have four children in our home that take up a lot of our time. We ride dirt bikes, garden, cook, watch movies, play games, and love to take pictures. We live on lake Rathbun and now have the luxury of going down the road to the big lake. The kids are loving it.

I am an open book and I write mostly about personal things here at Rapport with a large quantity of Reviews, mostly on adult products (you have been warned). When I first starting writing these types of things I was very shy and didn’t really want anyone knowing who I was. I got over it fast. I figure I am a woman. I am an adult. I am a lover. I obviously have sex, HELLO! I have given birth to 2 children! I am a normal chick that buys and reviews sex toys. I finally realized that I am not the only person I know that likes sex toys. I had a nice shove recently as well that pretty much let my friends and family know what I do. Oh well. It’s out there now. And now I know that even the preacher down the road, yeah him, he likes the Adult Novelties as well. We all do. It’s not weird. It’s normal. I am a writer. I am a woman. I am Rapport. You have been warned and if you aren’t normal like me, please exit as soon as possible.


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