The 15 Day Giveaway!

14 Dec

This giveaway is now closed.

So last night I decided to do some overdue (way overdue) organizing and found a few boxes of things that I going to part with. Some have been used a couple of times and some are brand new! So I decided instead of trying to continue to swap them or sell them… I will host a 15 day giveaway!

For 15 days there will be one new item that you can enter to win! All you have to do is leave a comment to enter the giveaway and every day a random winner will be picked using Random.Org.

Rules: You can only enter once per item. You can only win one prize out of the 15. You are responsible for all shipping costs. A new winner will be announced every day on this blog for 15 days. The winner will need to claim their prize within 48 hours or a new winner will be drawn. Winners will be required to pay $5.95 shipping and handling for their prize within 48 hours of winning via paypal. A shipping request will be sent along with your winner announcement. Please allow 1-4 weeks to receive your prize.

Good luck to everyone and if you have any questions… please leave a comment!

Sorry for the delay! Here is the winner of the final giveaway item! Congratulations to Ella! She was randomly picked to win Item 15! This was fun! Look forward to more giveaways soon.


1/15/2011-We have finally reached it! The very last item! Item #15!!! There were a lot of left over items from my giveaway and so I decided to bundle a lot of stuff up and do one big grab bag. If you would like to win the things listed in Item #15 please leave a comment.Ends 1/17/2011. (you have a few extras days to enter this one)

Item 15 includes: Mimi Massager, Red Bud, Wartenberg Wheel, Hump Bump and Vibe, Erotic Dice, and Silicone PE Vibe. All information on these products can be found below (ie new or used items) and to top the package off I am including the Bound by Diamonds Strap on and Dildo Set which is no longer available on Eden Fantasys. It comes in its original packaging. Good luck to all who enter!

There were no entries for items 13 or 14. They are now closed.

1/8/2011: Items #13 and #14. I am posting both items at once to save a little time. If you are interesting in getting either one please leave a comment specifying which you would like to win.  Ends 1/9/2011

Item #13 is the Mimi Massager and Red Bud Bullet. Both are slightly used but like new. They are both plastic toys and have been sanitized. The Bullet has the original packaging however the Mimi does not.

Item #14 is the Erotic Dice set in original packaging (new) and Truth or Dare Erotic Party Game. The Truth or Dare game has been opened but like new.

Please choose an item you would like to win and leave a comment to enter! Good luck!!!

There were no entries for the Pocket Pussy. It is now closed. 1/04/2011: Item #12 is the Clone a Pussy Kit (new in package). Please leave a comment to win this item. Ends 1/05/2011



There were no entries for item 11 and it is now closed. 12/29/2010: Item #11 will be Item #4. The winner of item 4 decided they did not want it. I have thrown it back in. Please see below for item #4. If you would like to win it, please leave a comment!

There were no entries for item 10, it is now closed.

12/28/2010 Item #10 is a three pack combo. All products are new in packaging. 1. Art Deco Plug 2. UR3 Plug Large 3. Cal Exotics Couples Love Rings 1. Picture not available. Ends 12/29/2010. Leave a comment to enter to win Item #10.

There were no entries for #9, it is now closed.

12/27/2010 Item #9 is a Silicone PE Vibe (slightly used, like new, in original packaging, and has been sanatized) a $26.99 Value. Please leave a comment to enter to win the Silicone PE Vibe.

Congratulations to Selective Sensualist for winning the Layaspot!

12/26/2010 Item #8 is a Layaspot (slightly used, like new, in original packaging, and has been sanatized) a $44.99 Value. Please leave a comment if you would like to enter to win the Layaspot! Ends 12/27/2010.

There were no entries for item #7. It is now closed.

Yesterday 12/20/2010 was skipped due to me being sick. We will add an extra day to the end to make up. Day #7 Item is the bumpy spiral double dong (new) with toy pouch a $29.99 value. Please leave a comment to win this item!

There were no entries for item number six it is now closed.

Day #6 Item 12/19/2010 : The hump, bump, and vibe position pillow (new in package) a $29.99 value. Also has been discontinued and no longer available to purchase.If you would like to win this item please leave a comment.


Congratulations to RubenesqueAna for winning the Harmony Divine!!!

Item #5 has been closed.

Day #5 Item 12/18/2010: The Harmony Divine Black (used very little for a review and has been sanitized and in original packaging) a $44.99 Value. Please leave a comment to enter to win this item!


Day#4 Item 12/17/2010: The Nubby Delight by Tenticle Magic (New in Package) a $19.99 Value. Leave a comment to win this item!

There were no entries for item #3, it is now closed.

Day #3 Item 12/16/2010

The Wartenberg Pinwheel (New in Package) a $12.99 Value. Yours! Just leave a comment to enter to win this item!

This item received no entries. Item #2 is now closed.

Day #2 Item12/15/2010 The Ocean Breeze Glass Dildo (was used a little amount for review and has been completely sanitized) a $24.99 Value. The Ocean Breeze also comes with a soft toy pouch for storing. If you would like to be included please just leave a comment for a chance to win the Ocean Breeze!

Congratulations to Twisted Finger for Winner Item #1. It has now been closed.

Day #1 Item 12/14/2010

100% Silicone Gentle Play Vibrator (New in Package) A $35.99 Value. Please leave a comment to enter to win this item!


Pleasurists #108

14 Dec


Meet Frank Sinatra by Dissent-Is-Cool


Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. For updates and information follow our RSS Feed and Twitter.

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Pleasurists adult product review round-up


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Giveaway!

13 Dec



Sweet Candy Cane Giveaway

What better time of year for giving than Christmas time? Eden Fantasys Sex Toys has sponsored a giveaway right here on Rapport for all of my readers and is giving away a Sweet Candy Cane sex toy!

One lucky reader will be randomly chosen by Random.Org to receive the Sweet Candy Cane on 12/31/2010! Here’s how to enter!

Mandatory Entry! You must subscribe to Rapport via email and leave a comment letting me know you have done so. This is mandatory. No subscription equals no entry.

Want additional entries?

All of the below are optional and give you 1 additional entry per task. Please leave a comment for every thing you do for it to be counted as an entry.

-Comment on any other posts on this blog. One comment per post will be counted.

-Follow @edenfantasys on Twitter.

-Follow @eatloveshop on Twitter.

-Tweet once daily about this giveaway. Include a link to this post for it to be counted.

-Add Rapport to your blogroll

-Leave a comment telling me why YOU want the Sweet Candy Cane.

Deadline: This contest starts immediately and ends on 12/30/2010 at 12:00 pm CST. Winner will be announced on this blog and twitter on 12/31/2010.

Requirements: The winner will be required to provide first and last name plus shipping address to receive prize. Please submit this information within 48 hours or a new winner will be drawn.

Questions? Please leave a comment.

Christmas is almost here!

11 Dec
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I’ve heard it on the radio, seen it on the television, witness it at the stores, and watch the lights flash from my very own tree. Yes, Christmas is almost here! It won’t be long now. What are your plans for Christmas? Mine will be a little crazy and hectic but full of memories I am sure! First we will get up and let our four kids unwrap their presents from Santa. They don’t know it yet but Santa is bring them a Wii this year. I have debated buying one for a while. Our kids all have a DS, then there is the Gamecube, Playstation, etc. Well they fight over the games so much! I swear I think I have told them I am not getting any more games EVER at least a hundred times. But I guess they will win this year because Santa is giving it to them, along with lots of Mario and FOUR controllers. I wonder what they will come up with to fight about? I am sure there will be something. Oh well, kids will be kids. After we do our own little gifts, I am going to make dinner for the family as I do every year. The menu always consists of turkey, potatoes, green beans, rolls, cranberry sauce, pie (lots of that!), candies, noodles, etc. All the regular Christmas face stuffing food! My dad and his wife, sister and her two children, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law and her two children will be joining us. This is about where it will probably get just a little crazy. But that’s what the holiday is all about in our family. Crazy, Hectic, children running around chaos. We love it! Then we will do another gift giving exchange. I have to admit, I hate shopping for relatives. I never know what to get them!!! Ugh. At the end of all that we will all drift off into a nice quiet nap at home and call it a day. Except we will be doing something just a little different this year. Our boys will be going to spend a few days with their mother and the girls will be going to their father’s. This is new. I think this is the first Christmas the girls will spend with their father in 3 years. Wow. I hope they have fun. Just leaves one thing… I have no idea what the hubby and I will do with the rest of our Christmas vacation. We plan to go to Chicago for New Year’s Eve, but I still haven’t planned out the details in between yet. No plans as of yet. Maybe we will just lay around and be lazy. Who knows? What are your plans? Doing anything exciting this year? I would love to hear about it!

JimmyJane Little Afterglow Sampler Review

9 Dec

I have a new obsession with all JimmyJane products. More like… um… I think I’m an addict. I spotted the Jimmy Jane Afterglow sampler (after experiencing the full size afterglow) at Eden Fantasys Sex Toys online shop and decided it was a must have. I had no idea that JimmyJane could impress me more than I already was.

I have used their candles, lotions, lubricants, and stones and have fallen in love with every piece of art they create. But when I first opened the Afterglow sampler, it was instant heaven. I powerful array or aroma just floats directly out of the perfectly wrapped elegant white box with a pink satin box. I mean it was like Christmas time! The box didn’t go untouched for long. I had to get a piece of it.

The sampler box is only $57.99 and believe it’s worth every single penny. The boxing is elegant and inside comes an insert that has a nice graph to direct me to each candle. It has the name of the scent and what it means.

Each candle stands for a sexy word.  The box includes:

Explore- Cucumber+Water

Connect- Pink Lotus

Seduce- Truffle+Gardenia

Provoke- Grapefruit

Flirt- Dark Vanilla

Intrigue- Bourbon

Every scent is beautiful. I figured there would be at least one that I didn’t like… nope. I think my favorite would have to be the Intrigue “Bourbon.” But above everything, they smell the absolute best when all lit and combined for a sensational experience.The paper included is double-sided and has information on the back. It has directions, implications, and a step by step massage list that is so much fun to use!

There are a total of 6 candles in all that are all decoratively placed in white ceramic holders each weighing 1.7 oz or 48 g. They all have a 12 hour burn time, totaling 72 hours. Each candle has its own underside individual label with the scent name, warning, avertissements, and manufacturer stamp.The texture of the candles is oily. They burn identical to the full size afterglow candle.

To use them, I recommend lighting the candle/s that you want to use and allowing them to burn for 30 minutes prior to use. Blow it/them out and then pour onto the skin. The oil will be warm but not too hot to burn. We usually enjoy our massage, get playful, massage the oil in really well. Sometimes we also use the JimmyJane stones for more texture. Afterward, after all the rubbing an tossing we don’t usually have to clean up. The oil seems to rub in fairly well and isn’t bothersome. I suppose if it was, I would just take a quick rinse in the shower. No big deal. It would be total worth the mess anyway!

I recommend visiting Eden Fantasys right away and grabbing up the sampler. It is fun to have, relaxing, and would definitely make a great gift!

product picture
Massage candle by Jimmyjane

The Official Playboy NYE Party featuring T Pain

8 Dec

So, I am super excited! I will be attending the Official Playboy NYE Party on 12/31 for a big bang New Year’s celebration. For the first time in three years our kids will all be spending the holiday with their “non” custodial parents so we decided to finally go do something big! I can’t wait! I am already dress shopping, looking for a hair boutique, then there is the hotel, and shoes and OMG shopping! I can’t wait. I am going to have so much fun in Chicago… oh and 8 Playmates are going to be there! WOO HOO!

What are you all doing for New Years?