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Christmas is almost here!

11 Dec
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I’ve heard it on the radio, seen it on the television, witness it at the stores, and watch the lights flash from my very own tree. Yes, Christmas is almost here! It won’t be long now. What are your plans for Christmas? Mine will be a little crazy and hectic but full of memories I am sure! First we will get up and let our four kids unwrap their presents from Santa. They don’t know it yet but Santa is bring them a Wii this year. I have debated buying one for a while. Our kids all have a DS, then there is the Gamecube, Playstation, etc. Well they fight over the games so much! I swear I think I have told them I am not getting any more games EVER at least a hundred times. But I guess they will win this year because Santa is giving it to them, along with lots of Mario and FOUR controllers. I wonder what they will come up with to fight about? I am sure there will be something. Oh well, kids will be kids. After we do our own little gifts, I am going to make dinner for the family as I do every year. The menu always consists of turkey, potatoes, green beans, rolls, cranberry sauce, pie (lots of that!), candies, noodles, etc. All the regular Christmas face stuffing food! My dad and his wife, sister and her two children, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law and her two children will be joining us. This is about where it will probably get just a little crazy. But that’s what the holiday is all about in our family. Crazy, Hectic, children running around chaos. We love it! Then we will do another gift giving exchange. I have to admit, I hate shopping for relatives. I never know what to get them!!! Ugh. At the end of all that we will all drift off into a nice quiet nap at home and call it a day. Except we will be doing something just a little different this year. Our boys will be going to spend a few days with their mother and the girls will be going to their father’s. This is new. I think this is the first Christmas the girls will spend with their father in 3 years. Wow. I hope they have fun. Just leaves one thing… I have no idea what the hubby and I will do with the rest of our Christmas vacation. We plan to go to Chicago for New Year’s Eve, but I still haven’t planned out the details in between yet. No plans as of yet. Maybe we will just lay around and be lazy. Who knows? What are your plans? Doing anything exciting this year? I would love to hear about it!