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JimmyJane Little Afterglow Sampler Review

9 Dec

I have a new obsession with all JimmyJane products. More like… um… I think I’m an addict. I spotted the Jimmy Jane Afterglow sampler (after experiencing the full size afterglow) at Eden Fantasys Sex Toys online shop and decided it was a must have. I had no idea that JimmyJane could impress me more than I already was.

I have used their candles, lotions, lubricants, and stones and have fallen in love with every piece of art they create. But when I first opened the Afterglow sampler, it was instant heaven. I powerful array or aroma just floats directly out of the perfectly wrapped elegant white box with a pink satin box. I mean it was like Christmas time! The box didn’t go untouched for long. I had to get a piece of it.

The sampler box is only $57.99 and believe it’s worth every single penny. The boxing is elegant and inside comes an insert that has a nice graph to direct me to each candle. It has the name of the scent and what it means.

Each candle stands for a sexy word.  The box includes:

Explore- Cucumber+Water

Connect- Pink Lotus

Seduce- Truffle+Gardenia

Provoke- Grapefruit

Flirt- Dark Vanilla

Intrigue- Bourbon

Every scent is beautiful. I figured there would be at least one that I didn’t like… nope. I think my favorite would have to be the Intrigue “Bourbon.” But above everything, they smell the absolute best when all lit and combined for a sensational experience.The paper included is double-sided and has information on the back. It has directions, implications, and a step by step massage list that is so much fun to use!

There are a total of 6 candles in all that are all decoratively placed in white ceramic holders each weighing 1.7 oz or 48 g. They all have a 12 hour burn time, totaling 72 hours. Each candle has its own underside individual label with the scent name, warning, avertissements, and manufacturer stamp.The texture of the candles is oily. They burn identical to the full size afterglow candle.

To use them, I recommend lighting the candle/s that you want to use and allowing them to burn for 30 minutes prior to use. Blow it/them out and then pour onto the skin. The oil will be warm but not too hot to burn. We usually enjoy our massage, get playful, massage the oil in really well. Sometimes we also use the JimmyJane stones for more texture. Afterward, after all the rubbing an tossing we don’t usually have to clean up. The oil seems to rub in fairly well and isn’t bothersome. I suppose if it was, I would just take a quick rinse in the shower. No big deal. It would be total worth the mess anyway!

I recommend visiting Eden Fantasys right away and grabbing up the sampler. It is fun to have, relaxing, and would definitely make a great gift!

product picture
Massage candle by Jimmyjane